General Faq

Q: What’s the difference between Fillers and Botox Cosmetics ?

Botox Cosmetics is most useful for dynamic wrinkles, caused by your muscle contractions. If you look in the mirror and try to squint, frown, smile, whistle and make different expressions, the lines that are appearing on your face ( mostly on your forehead , around the eyes and upper lips ) would be perfect candidates for Botox treatment. Botox works by reducing the muscle action that is creating the line, and the line will be smoothed out. Fillers are used to to fill wrinkles and folds, create fuller lips, improve skin hydration and lift sagging cheeks and jowls. The folds, grooves and lines that you see in the mirror along with lost volume in the cheeks and lips can be improved by using fillers.

Q: My skin has started to sag along the jaw line, (as well as skin under my eyes looks creepy and saggy, the eyebrows are lower than they used to be before) and wrinkles above the upper lip bother me. I am not ready for plastic surgery yet. What could be done in my case non-invasively?

There are a few treatments that can improve lax skin. Non-ablative procedures eg tightening the skin with Triniti, are done in series, with almost no downtime. They tighten the collagen in your skin and give treated areas a lift, at the same time improving tone, texture and overall appearance. In this particular case a combination of Fractionated and REFIRME (Triniti) would be a treatment of choice. There are slightly more aggressive Fractionated ablative procedures for lines and wrinkles improvement, which have downtime of 4-7 days, but the results are far supereior to non-ablative procedures (Palomar 2940 mm, Er-Yag)

Q: I was thinking of starting laser hair removal treatments on my legs, but I don’t know how many do I need. I am light Caucasian with dark hair.

Congratulations! You are the best candidate for laser hair removal. Legs, bikini and underarms are generally the easiest areas for removal of unwanted hair as they tend to be darker and coarser, then the rest of the body and average number of treatments for a good result is 4-6. We use three different technologies for hair reduction, IPL Elos and Nd-Yag depending upon skin types and kind of hair.

Q: I need a quick fix for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in 4 months. What can be done?

You can benefit (depending on your skin type) from series of IPL treatments in combination with medical peels in between to brighten up your complexion, and improve texture and tone of your skin, improving sun damage. And later, you could try a Soft Lift procedure done with Botox and Fillers to give you more youthful and relaxed appearance.

Q: Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating.

Uncomfortable, socially embarrassing sweating on hands, feet, forehead, scalp and underarms can be now effectively treated with FDA approved Botox. Most of the insurance companies would cover the cost of Botox for sweating.